Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dairy Queen

   So you all know that I work at my family's business. Well I am a cake decorator there, (And I absolutely love it with my background of art), so one day I was board with doing plain old 8''inch, 10''inch cake business, so I asked my dad if he could think of anything different that he could think of for me to do. He thought for a minute and then his eyes got bigger and bigger, then he finally told me what was on his mind. He asked,''What about a Mickey Mouse cake?''      
   I responded,''Great idea, but how am I going to do that?''
   He said,''You are good at drawing the face right?''
 (I have been practicing my Mickey face) I shrugged and said,'' Well yeah, I guess.''
   Then he smiled and said,'' Do the Mickey face on an 8'' inch, and then make two of our new cupcakes for the ears.''
   I went right to work. It was one of the best cakes that I ever made. I got many compliments about it, and eventually a couple days later it sold! I was so happy I couldn't stop talking about it. That cake still to this day is the best cake I have ever made. Although it still bugs me that someone cut in to that cake and ate it when I spent all that time on it. :)


  1. An edible work of art! So someone got to enjoy it twice as much!

  2. Skyler, that is amazing!! You'll have your own cake decorating business in no time! ;)

  3. You're WAY better than I ever was, that's for sure!