Sunday, May 4, 2014

I've been thinking...

          So lately, especially yesterday, I have been thinking about how blessed I am. I am guilty about only thinking about the bad things in life. I know this isn't a good thing, but I have noticed I have been angry about the most stupid things. Yesterday I had a family party for my sisters birthday. My family came over, and we had the best time. We are all very close, and had a great time. The thing that made a difference in my life came during that party. My aunt and uncle had a brand new baby named Rhett. My family has had a lot of recent births, but this one I hadn't met before. I haven't seen him at all. My grandma let me hold him, and the moment he came in to my arms, my life felt like it instantly changed. I realized then that I am so blessed. Blessed for my family, friends, and my life. Every time Rhett smiled I couldn't help but smile. Getting to see Mason, my other aunt and uncles son interact with him, Rhett's brother interact with him, it made me feel warm. I realized that I want to make all of these babies/ toddlers have the best life. Just like I have. I want them to feel as blessed as I do. I want them to have a reason for living. These kids, are the ones that have changed my life forever. These kids made me appreciate life. They made my realize the good things in life, and don't let the bad over rule. I think this is a turning point for me.
          Just like I have, I want you to find the good part of life. Feel blessed to be here right now. Feel blessed to have the family that you do. Feel blessed for the friends that you have. Make those around you as blessed as you do. Because I think we all want our loved ones to feel as fortunate as we do. You have to realize, some people don't have this in their lives. Just because you didn't make your cake right, you made a mistake in a letter to your co worker. Instead of feeling angry, and like it is the end of the world,think about what you do have. Think about that newborn baby or child in your life that you want to feel as blessed as you do. If you drown in the negative, nothing will go right. Only the positives will make you go forward in life. I know that from now on, I will not focus on the negatives, because the positives are the ones that are going to change my life, and me as a person.