Sunday, November 25, 2012

Long Time No See!

   Hey all of my wonderful viewers! I am so sorry I have not written anything in while! I have missed my blog and have totally forgotten about it until now. So I thought I would kick things off with some Christmas spirit! I don't know about you, but I am so ready for Christmas! Can't it come any sooner? I have already decorated my house with a sparkling Christmas tree, with colorful ornaments, next to a cozy fire with stockings hanging over it, and the smell of Christmas cookies that fill the whole house with with wonderful scents. My favorite thing to do is to sit on the couch by the window, turn on the fire grab a blanket and a book, and read. Ahhhh thats the life. One of my favorite traditions that my family does every year, is we all get up in the morning and sit by the Christmas tree, with the anticipation of ripping up the nicely rapped packages that are staring at us under the tree. My mom cooks cinnamon rolls that we get the day before. We wait for her to serve us and then we pass out a package one at a time, open it, give thanks to the people that have bought us the gift, and move on to the next person. While all of this is happening, Christmas music is playing in the background. Then we go to our grandparents, and we have other traditions for those parties. Another one of my favorite traditions that we do on Christmas eve is we go to my grandparents house, pick up my grandma, and go out to get some Christmas PJ's, while all of the boys stay at my grandparents to eat sloppy joes and watch a football game. My Christmas is so much fun! I will try to post more posts than I have, but in the meantime, Happy decorating! :)