Thursday, September 20, 2012

Locks Of Love

   About four months ago I did Locks Of Love. In case you don't know what that is, it is where someone cuts their hair, and then someone else sends it to a donation center where they make free wigs for cancer patience. Well I was one of those people who cut their hair. I had VERRY long hair. In the end I cut off 11.5 inches of hair! Even though I miss my hair........ wait thats not true I  so don't miss that hair, but I miss long hair. Anyway, It was a great experience.
   At first, I just wanted to do Locks Of Love because I was going to cut it anyway, so might as well donate it for a good cause. Then my thought started to shift. My grandmas sister, who means a lot to me, and is such a good person,Lisa, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My thoughts changed a lot. Then I wanted to cut it in honor of Lisa. When I first saw my hair, I thought of Lisa. I had a good feeling inside me. I was proud of myself. 11.5 inches of hair. Wow            
                                                Love+ Happiness= A good life




   For each fight won, for each fight lost, for those still fighting, I proudly wear purple.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just for Smiles


                                           I saw this picture and just couldn't resist!!!

               To funny! I love dogs, and I love hot dogs. I rate this picture a 10!!!!

                                You're gunna stick that thermometer where?!?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


   Recently, I went on a trip to Nebraska. Not a plane trip, a road trip. From my hometown Denver, Colorado, all the way to Omaha, Nebraska. It was a ten hour ride there, but it was so much fun. My mom Jeni, did not go because she doesn't like long car trips. So my dad, my sister, and I went........ and it was a BLAST!!!

   First, we went to the Omaha Art Museum. My dad said that I would like it with my background of art, and yet again he is correct. Then we went to lunch. After that we went to a  huge park with a big huge lake. we FINALLY got to the hotel and it didn't take long before we fell asleep.

   The next day we went to the one and only....... Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. The best zoo in the  United States. It was SO much fun!!! You would never believe the animals that were there.

   The next day was a long ten hour drive back. The weekend was so much fun. I hope we can go back soon.