Saturday, October 13, 2012


   I have a powerful friendship with my best friend Madison. You might have read the blog post I wrote about her called The Silly Side of me. I didn't talk a lot about her, but you know that we love to basically make fools out of ourselves. We also mean a lot to each other. We understand each other, we trust each other, and we are not afraid to be ourselves. We may not have much in common, but I take that as an advantage. Down below this paragraph, Madison will right a paragraph with her thoughts.

   Hi, my name is Madison and as you may have heard, Skyler is my BFF[Best Freckled Friend]. tonight, the 14th of September, we're having a sleepover, which usually consists of dancing, make up, and a lot more goofy stuff. Skyler is a very loving person with a gentle and kind heart, ready to have a fun time. What she said is true, we don't have a lot in common, but share interests like school, reading, and sketches and master pieces of art. Skyler, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about not posting it earlier, but I totally forgot about it until now!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


   Halloween is just around the corner! I am probably not as excited  as most kids are, but I just love seeing all the other kids creative costume ideas! One thing that makes me smile on Halloween is when I see parents or even dogs with a full out costume, witches hat, or even a T-shirt that says "costume"on it. In the past, for Halloween I have been Clifford, (but who knows what Clifford is anymore), a lady bug, Britney Spears,(great influence right!?!) vampire, pirate, 80's chick, and a lion. Not in order of course, just of my thinking :) This year I am going to be my favorite fictional character!! Well, a wife of my favorite fictional character......drum roll please!........Cookie Monsters Wife!!! I am so excited, but I recently found out that my favorite character is now gone! Poof! Gone! If you dont know who Cookie monster is, he is a monster that loves cookies on a toddler show called Elmo. He was banned from Elmo because kids were demanding cookies instead of fruits and vegetables. So the Elmo creators transformed Cookie Monster to Veggie monster. Veggie monster. Really. Lame. I am deciding to bring Cookie Monster back!