Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ho ho ho!

Hey guys! I hope everyones Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa or any other holiday was a joyful one! I sure had a great time! spending time with friends and family was a blast! I got my mom something special, that I hope she likes and as much as I do. She deserves everything great and I hope the necklace that I got her reassured her that I love her more then anyone will ever know.
    I got my dad something that brings back memories from our past. Does anyone remember lady fingers? The cream filled, that here in Colorado you can't get anymore? Well, they are cream filled heaven that my dad and I LOVE.  I ordered some from the company that creates them, and I loved my dad's eyes when he saw them. We used to get a whole package of them and watch movies together, on the couch, and stuff our faces with the one and only, cream filled, melt in your mouth, ladyfingers.
   Boy, I love the holidays! Hope to write again soon!

   P.S. I just thought you would like to know, I am writing this on my brand new Macbook Air laptop! See why I love the holidays! Not only do I like to give presents, but getting them is nice to! :)