Tuesday, August 21, 2012


   Are any of you book lovers? I am without a doubt a book lover. I just love opening a book and finding yourself in a whole new world. When I end a book, in a way I am sad to leave the characters.
   My favorite book series is a series I am sure you all know about...... The Hunger Games!!! That is my favorite series of all time. I was stoked when the movie finally came out on DVD. I have watched it 3 times already. (and still many more to come.) I also watched the midnight premier of Hunger Games with my aunt.
   I have many books that I love, here are some books that I recommend if you are around my age.


  1. I'm so glad you love to read, Skyler. I love to read too and really enjoyed sitting down with you on Monday to read our half hour reading time. Sometimes, we get so busy, we forget to take a few quiet minutes to sit and enjoy a good book.

  2. I am a book lover as well, Skyler! There's nothing better than having a great book to read. I read all the Hunger Game series too and they were great! When I was you age I read Nancy Drew. But that was a LONG time ago. ;)