Monday, July 23, 2012

love em' but hate em'

   If you have gotten a chance to read my last post then you know that I have a little sister, Savannah. If you have a little sibling, you know that they are an absolute pain in the butt. At least when you were a child. They always figure out a way to make you so mad that steam comes out of your nose. You always try to ignore them but in the end they always win.
   In my case my sister can be as sweet as honey or you look in to her eyes you see fire blazing out of control. I will admit that we do fight about the most stupid things, but the reason to that is she brings something up that I know isn't true, and I don't want her to bring it up in front of someone that could get her in serious trouble. That would only happen if I say something like ''Sure whatever.'' After all she is family.
   On the other hand my sister has a heart. Whenever you are so happy and bubbly she will be happy and bubbly, if you are having a bad day she is going to make it even worse. Really it depends on your role model, and what side of the bed she woke up on that morning, [When she wakes up on the right side she usually has a good day.]    :]
   All in all little siblings are a bundle of joy or a streak of evil.


  1. It's true, Skyler. However I had two older siblings and I'm pretty sure I was NEVER evil and that they ADORED me.......yeah I'm pretty sure that was true. :)

  2. I know that Savannah seems like a real pain in the bootie sometimes but she loves you. And one day, you girls will laugh about how you used to fight when you were little. :)