Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hi everyone!

   Hi my name is Skyler. I live in Denver, Colorado and I love art. My art work has made it to the Douglas County Library and the Douglas County Art Show. I dont think my art is perfect but I love doing it.
   Art is a huge part of my life but I dont spend all my time around art. I also have some jobs that I love to do. I am the cake decorator at my family's business, I work at an Arts On Fire in Colorado, and one that I have only been doing for a short amount of time but I absolutely love is a babysitter.
   My family is more then a family to me, they are a part of me. I have a mom named Jeni, she is one of those people that is your friend the second you meet her. I have a dad named Rick, he is shy when you first meet him, but a ball of fire once you get to know him. Last but definately not least my sister Savannah, she is something else. Savannah is a sweet little girl, but when you make her mad, my advice for you is to stay away. :]
   On this blog I will be sharing with you whatever is going on in my life, and the art I have been doing lately. I will do my best to write blogs as much as possible, and give you as many details as I can. I hope you will enjoy these as much as I love writing them! :]


  1. Skyler- that is beautiful! Can't wait to see and hear the things you share!

  2. Thanks!! I absolutely love sharing them!

  3. Skyler, this is AMAZING! I've always known what a great writer and artist you are, now you can share it with everyone! I'm very proud of you :)

  4. Welcome to BlogLand Skyler! Happy to have you aboard! You're gonna be famous one day!